Police Force Contacts

Last Updated: Thursday, 04-Jan-18 11:50

In collaboration with the College of Policing we would like to encourage LA colleagues to notify the relevant police force when a child is being placed out of area, based on the needs/risk of the child. It is hoped that this additional notification channel will assist in the safeguarding of some of the most vulnerable children in the care system.

When to notify the Police Force

The criteria for when to notify the police force is when any child is placed out of area and meets 1 or more of the following:

  • Is a victim of CSE
  • Believed/suspected to be at risk of CSE
  • Suspected/known to be a CSE perpetrator
  • Has past episodes of missing/absent from care or home
  • Has a gang involvement or association
  • Is a trafficked child
  • Is an unaccompanied asylum seeker.

Contact Details

Police Force contact details are listed in the A-Z list below:

Greater Manchester Police: fib@gmp.pnn.police.uk

Suggested information items to be shared as part of notification of new, changed or ceased children in care placement out of area

Suggested core information items to be shared when making a notification of placement (or during consultation phase) can be found below.

  • Child’s full name and AKA
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Placing authority
  • Social worker name and contact details (particularly phone, email)
  • Emergency details for home authority
  • IRO details
  • Legal status
  • Whether this is notification of a new placement, a change or end of placement
  • Date placement started or date due to change or end
  • Carer/institution type (foster carer, children’s home or other)
  • What the carer has been contracted to provide, if specialist, for example
  • Carer contact details including address
  • Particular needs or risks to the child such as SEN, disability, youth offending, mental health needs etc – a copy of the care plan should be shared to highlight needs
  • School name and address (old and planned new school if known)
  • GP details (old and new if known).

Additionally, it would be helpful if a digital photograph of the child could be shared with the Police Force.