North West region Update September 2016

​Update from the North West region for the ADCS Council of Reference

NW SEND/Health Peer Challenge 2016

During the autumn term 2016 each LA will have the opportunity to be challenged on their plans and work towards implementing the SEND reforms. The process will act in support of and in preparation for an Ofsted inspection.

The LA will submit their self-view document based along with a data dashboard that highlights the KPI’s in the LA. This will be circulated to the team for their preparation for the challenge.

Each LA will be invited to bring along an appropriate team for the challenge session to include the SEND lead and a case worker from the LA, an appropriate health lead, a parent/carer and a young person.

The challenge will involve a ‘Peer Challenge’ team of people from other local areas.

Evidence of impact and better outcomes for children, young people and parents/carers will be the focus of the challenge session.

Getting to Good Seminars 2016/17

The good practice that exists in local authorities in the North West has been regularly shared in 2015/16, including through the Ofsted-led programme of ‘Getting to Good’ seminars. The seminars attracted significant support from both contributing and participating LAs. In 2016/17 there is a shift in emphasis to a sector led approach, in line with the key findings in the LGA/ISOS Improvement in Children’s Services report.

The majority of LAs in the region have now been inspected under the Single Inspection Framework, with a broad and diverse range of good practice validated through that process. The next round of ‘Getting to Good’ seminars will be hosted and led by LAs, coordinated by the regional sector-led improvement team and supported by Ofsted. The seminars will be delivered from October 2016 - July 2017.

Seminars on the following topics, identified and agreed through North West ADCS, will be delivered twice with input from pairings of local authorities as well as Ofsted inspectors:

  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Intra-familial sexual abuse
  • Leadership management and governance - working with health partners
  • Effective IRO service provision.

The seminars will be hosted in LAs and will be extended half-day sessions. They will be interactive and informative events for senior teams to attend and share experiences.

For more information, please contact Paul Bunker or Zelda Massey

The North West School Improvement Partnership Board (NWSIB)

The Board has been in existence from May 2013. The arrangements were initiated in response to the first Ofsted regional report from HMCI, in a bid to address school improvement as a NW collaborative. The partners represent the strategic groups delivering school improvement activity in the NW region - RSC, TSC, Diocese, LAs, NCTL and is chaired independently. Sub-regional groups have emerged to drive forward the school improvement activity on behalf of the Board members. Work priorities for 2016/17 include:

  • Developing a protocol among system leaders including LAs for ‘minding the gap’ in the transition to a school-led system of school improvement activity
  • Looking at ways of ‘joining up the dots’ to avoid duplication and ensure better use of resources. The region welcomes the Northern Powerhouse Schools Strategy Review (NPSSR) lead by Sir Nick Weller who will become a member of the SIPB. Other initiatives in the region are also developed and overseen through the SIPB including School to school support funding and EEA’s
  • A continued focus on ‘Closing the Gap’ and maths across the NW.

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