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Wed, 14 Nov 18 10:00

South East November 2015 Update

Peer challenge

This has now matured with 39 completed in eight rounds over four years. Round eight challenges are booked: Milton Keynes (school attendance and linked issues – December); Windsor and Maidenhead (referral and assessment – January 2016).

Managing the demand for and supply of social workers

The region is implementing a Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) for Managing the Supply and Demand of Children’s Social Workers with 16 out of 19 LAs signed up to Phase 1 and 13 out of 19 contributing to the pay and conditions survey and Phase 2.

Data Benchmarking Group

Q2 2015-16 benchmarking was published on time. Development work is underway on a new suite of adoption and SEND indicators. Early Help indicators are being considered. This is a very successful group and highly valued.

Early Help project

The project is underway in response to the Ofsted thematic report Early help: whose responsibility? published in March 2015.

Regional Adoption Leadership Board

The Regional Adoption Leadership Board continues to flourish.

Coaching programme

A new pilot course for assistant team managers – ‘Step up to Management’ was successfully delivered. There was excellent support from across the region.

Higher Apprenticeship

The region is also supporting the Higher Apprenticeship development work of the Children, Young People and Families Trailblazer Group supported by ADCS and LGA.

Further details of the region’s activities can be found at www.seslip.co.uk and by contacting Richard Tyndall, Programme Manager, South East Sector Led Improvement Programme at richard.tyndall@richardtyndall.co.uk

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