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South East Region Update April 2016

Update for the April meeting of the ADCS Council of Reference

Early Help Project

The project has published an Evaluation Framework and accompanying Literature Review. Following the publication of the Ofsted thematic report, Early Help: Whose Responsibility, a SESLIP steering group has jointly developed a framework which can be used across the region to measure the impact and effectiveness of early help services. The framework should ensure that the focus is less on process compliance and more on the quality of work, effectiveness of services and the impact on children and families.

Leadership and management peer challenge

A new piece of work has been commissioned to re-energise the commitment at DCS level for mutual peer challenge around the effectiveness of leadership and management. Peer challenge has now matured with 40 completed in eight rounds over four years. Round 9 has been commissioned in 2016/17.

Data benchmarking

There are publicly available reports for Social Care 2014-15 and Children’s Social Care Workforce 2015. Quarterly updates based on unaudited data are available on a restricted basis to group members. New quarterly reports have been developed for adoption and SEND indicators. Early help indicators are in development (see framework above). Subscriptions are available for out-of-region LAs (Two South West LAs currently subscribe). This is a very successful group and is highly valued.

Regional Adoption Leadership Board

The Regional Adoption Leadership Board continues to flourish.

Children’s social care workforce

The Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) for Managing the Supply and Demand of Children’s Social Workers phases 1 and 2 is now operational with 16 out of 19 LAs signed up and two more pledging support.

Leadership development

This successful programme continues to develop the capacity within teams.


Networks for Assistant Directors for Safeguarding(or equivalent) and Education (or equivalent) continue to provide mutual support.

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