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Wed, 14 Nov 18 10:00

South East Regional Update June 2018

Sector-Led Improvement

  • The outline of the peer challenge process for 2018-19, which will result in a regional improvement plan, has been agreed. We are expecting this to fit the expectations for regional alliances. A regional summit has been pencilled in for 22 March 2019·
  • The sector-led steering group (currently 2 DCSs; LGA improvement advisers; a lead chief executive and a lead Lead Member) will now include any PiP DCSs in the region (currently only one – Hampshire)
  • The sector-led memorandum of understanding between DCSs, chief executives, lead members and LGA will be reviewed to ensure that all parties understand the undertakings they make to each other in respect of sensitive information gleaned from peer challenges and regional improvement planning
  • We are currently undertaking a “dry-run” compilation of the regional improvement plan for 2018-19 to ensure that we understand the scope and feel of a good plan that involves the ask and the offer from: PiP; SESLIP; LGA; bilateral and other local arrangements
  • The main principle that this “dry-run” will pursue is a non-stigmatising approach to improvement; the assumption that there is excellent practice in all authorities; and, that all authorities have improvement needs
  • The South East DCS peer challenge for 2018 is proceeding, with three groups of three authorities involved
  • Our new project considering “LAC placement issues for vulnerable young people and adolescents (10-18 age group)” is ongoing. A recent presentation to DCSs and a report summarising progress, which contains sensitive information, are available on request from richard.tyndall@richardtyndall.co.uk
  • Our SEND19 group is funded for another year; the DataBenchmarking Group continues to be a very successful and highly valued group; the Regional Adoption Leadership Board continues to meet with Hilary Brooks (Southampton) leading
  • The Children’s Social Care Workforce: Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) for Managing the Supply and Demand of Children’s Social Workers Phases 1 and 2 is now operational; the MoC has been tested in anger recently and two authorities have parted company
  • Networks for assistant directors for safeguarding (or equivalent) and education (or equivalent) continue to provide mutual support.

For further details go to www.seslip.co.uk.

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