West Midlands Region Update April 2016

Update for the February meeting of the ADCS Council of Reference

Children’s Improvement Plan 2016-17

The regional DCSs, CIB and wider children’s leadership met at the regional Children’s Leadership Summit on 16 March 2016. They agreed the requirements of the 2016/17 Improvement Plan, which is presently in development. The following three key priorities have been identified for development and action in 2016/17 and will be signed off by the regional ADCS group and CIB by the end of April:

  • Quality of practice
  • Quality of leadership and governance
  • Further development of the SLI model (and products).

Regional priorities build on the SLI model and activity developed over the last three years with the ultimate objective to continue to improve the performance of individual LAs and performance overall for children’s services in the region.

Managing the demand for and supply of agency social workers

The Social Work Agency Protocol is continuing to hold firm with a third session with social worker agencies held in January 2016 which was well attended. The region issued an updated protocol on 31 March for the coming year with revised terms for PAYE.

Performance data

The Strategic Performance Network continues to lead the region’s quarterly benchmarking data pack, which it is presently updating and revising. Performance data is now tabled and discussed every six weeks at each regional ADCS meeting which then provides a quarterly report to the regional Children’s Improvement Board. The annual data pack provides a summary and overview of performance in children’s services in the region (with national and statistical neighbour comparisons), identifies themes where the region is performing well and/or not so well, and potentially highlights those LAs where performance is dipping. This is then systematically updated each quarter and considered by the CIB at their quarterly meeting. The regional ADCS commissioned a performance specialist to partner with the region for six months up until July 2016 to improve data quality, collection methods and future sustainability.

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Project

The regional ADCS is presently commissioning a specialist to lead the development of a regional understanding of the refugee and asylum seeking population; know their regional capacity to support this population; and have a clear plan of how to move forward.

The Children’s Refugee and Asylum Seekers Project will provide expert capacity to the region to support the coordination, commission and delivery of services to this population. The project lead will submit a report to the regional DCSs on 31 May.

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