West Midlands Regional Update September 2016

West Midlands Children’s Peer Challenge

The West Midlands are well into the swing of our 2016 Peer Challenge process; we have appointed an experienced Peer Challenge Associate to work with the region to coordinate the process; we have revised the Self-Assessment framework and cascaded this for completion; and we have held our first ever Peer Challenge Performance Summit.

The Performance Summit was a resounding success. The event was attended by a breadth of delegates from Ofsted and the LGA, as well as a number of operational and performance staff from LAs. The performance summit provided an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to look at all the consolidated year-in regional data as a key group to look back, look forwards, take into account Ofsted updates, scrutinise, challenge and offer a real evidence base for the focus of the peer reviews. It was a great pre-cursor to the Peer Challenge event, which will be on November 16th this year.

Managing Regional Performance

The West Midlands approach to Performance Management has undergone a complete overhaul and we now have a Strategic Performance and Data Partner (Wolverhampton MBC) who oversee the collection and coordination of regional data; via an entirely revised data-set and collection method, as well as refined governance and reporting arrangements. We have a Strategic Performance Network with active subgroups and key designated link performance officers for Workforce, Adoption, Education, Social Care and Early Help. We are pleased to report that Quarter One data collection under the new system has gone smoothly and confident in our regional reporting systems – which are key to self-assessment and underpin Peer Challenge.

Frontline in the West Midlands

We are delighted to report that we have Frontline as a partner for a 2016/17 cohort in the West Midlands. Frontline will be working with nine of our Authorities and preparatory work is already underway.

Refugee and Asylum Seekers

The ADCS are working closely with both the Strategic Migration Partnership and their locally commissioned expert R&AS Project Lead to develop a regional understanding of the refugee and asylum seeking population; know their regional capacity to support this population; and have a clear plan of how to move forwards. A series of regional recommendations will be considered by a task group who will work with the SMP to oversee the commission and delivery of services to this population.

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