Eastern Region Update June 2015

Eastern Region Children’s Programme June 2015 Update

  1. Peer challenge, self-assessment and peer review: All 11 Local Authorities have completed and submitted their 2015 self-assessments which are currently being scrutinised (along with the regional children’s services data pack) by the DCS Peer Challenge Board. The Board are meeting on 1st June to discuss their findings and identify regional themes for improvement which will be taken forward by the Sector Led Improvement Programme.
  2. Experience of the child within Child Protection: Research in Practice facilitated a change project involving reps from each LA focused on developing and evidencing the impact of children’s views and experiences on child protection practice and service development. The project has recently come to an end and the final report has been shared in the region and published on the ESP website. We are currently getting agreement for this to be shared more widely and published on the RiP website.
  3. Supporting LSCBs on their journey towards ‘outstanding’: A LSCB self-assessment tool has been developed and is being completed by LSCBs in the region. A learning workshop focused on SCRs is being planned for July 2015. Regional guidance on commissioning and conducting SCRs is in final draft and will be published soon.
  4. Children living with domestic abuse: A framework for undertaking domestic abuse peer reviews has been developed and signed off by the ER DCS group. This will be piloted in July 2015. The ER practice guidance focused on children living with domestic abuse has recently been published on the ADCS website.
  5. School Improvement Peer Review: A framework for school improvement peer reviews have been developed and a programme of peer reviews is in place with a review taking place in one LA per term. These have been found to be very useful.
  6. CSE: The Eastern Region Families, Communities and Young People’s Group are leading work to consider and evaluate how well we are responding to the challenge of Child Sexual Exploitation, in a similar vain to the work done by the London Councils. This will involve children’s social care leads ‘buddying up’ with each other to review CSE arrangements and holding a regional learning event to share findings.
  7. Regional Response to Managing the demand and supply of qualified Social Workers through collaboration: The project continues to make good progress. A set of maximum (capped) QSW temp pay rates implemented for the East of England region from 1 April 2015 – for Children’s and Adults QSWs; a temp Supplier event held on 11th March with attendance from over 20 key suppliers of agency QSWs in the East of England (DCS and DAS reps involved); and a regional workforce planning template is currently being piloted. Other regions are also coming on board – West Midlands, London, East Midlands, South East. Some discussion in Berks Unitaries and in the South West.
  8. 2015/16 programme: Funding to continue the Eastern Region Sector Led Improvement Programme until 2017 has been secured. The plan for 2015/16 is currently being developed and is due to be signed off by ER DCSs group in June (to ensure that the recommendations of the peer challenge board are taken into account).
  9. Links with other regions: It would be very useful to have more information on the work underway within other regions and share plans for the coming year. There was talk about the possibility of getting the regional support officers together at some point in the future to help these links. The Eastern Region would support this and hope that this is organised for the near future.

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