North West Summer 2015 Update

Peer Challenge

The third year of regional Peer Challenge took place in December 2014 & January 2015. All 23 LAs participated. This year, a Regional Data Pack was commissioned from 2 LAs who produced comparative data and analysis on behalf of all. Creating appropriate challenge questions from a range of national data sets and using this to understanding regional trends. The self- assessment process and the Peer Challenge forums included a major focus on Education, for the first time, alongside Safeguarding.

A revised self-assessment tool is now currently being developed to build on the positive work and ensure the focus is firmly rooted in good practice.

The 4 ADCS regional sub groups are tasked with progressing the priorities identified during the Peer Challenge.

These include:

  • Developing a social work academy in the region using practice from some leading LAs
  • Focussing on what support will enable LAs to move to ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’
  • Delivering & commissioning services across bigger footprints
  • Building a self- improving education system

North West School Improvement Partnership Board

This board, chaired by Baroness Estelle Morris is made up of regional system leaders from across schools and organisations working to improve outcomes for children and young people. The board, initiated by NW ADCS has agreed 3 priorities as its focus:

  • Closing the Gap for disadvantaged groups of children and young people
  • Maths attainment, particularly at GCSE
  • Building a self- improving education system

NW ADCS Safeguarding sub group

Looked After Children – a current priority for the region is to continue to collaborate and innovate in response to a growing and changing LAC population. During 2015/16 a range of local, ‘cluster’ and regional initiatives will seek to address the priorities and recommendations set out in the NWADCS LAC Summit Report 2014. Further updates on specific workstreams will be provided in future updates.

Multi-Agency response to safeguarding concerns – a growing evidence base is being developed in the region to further improve the multi-agency safeguarding work. As well as the establishment of a Quality Assurance Library of Resources, the region is developing a series of signposting resources, including the MASH Regional Learning Resource available here.

If you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the NWADCS Regional Development Manager (Safeguarding and Vulnerable Children)

NWADCS Early Help sub group

An Early Help Strategy has been developed in the region. Current work has focussed on agreeing a set of indicators to measure the impact of the early help strategy. The LAs have agreed the data set and will use it consistently as part of the peer challenge process.

SEND/Health sub group

Oldham has been successful in securing monies from DfE for the continuation of Peer Support across the region. A coordinator has been commissioned to support the sector led work alongside colleagues in the DfE, private and voluntary sector.

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