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CSE Key Resources

Latest updates:

  • RiP - Working Effectively to Address Child Sexual Exploitation: Evidence Scope (2017)
  • RiP - Working effectively to address CSE
  • Health Education England - spotting the signs of CSE
  • The BLAST project - April 2016
  • Additions to NWG and Barnardo’s sections - Feb 2016

Research in Practice - Working effectively to address Child Sexual Exploitation: Evidence scope (2015)

A free to view evidence scope carried out for the Greater Manchester partnership which contains an overview of the latest evidence relating to CSE. This resource was first published in September 2015 by Jan Webb and Dez Holmes. The Evidence Scope has been revised and republished in October 2017 by Jessica Eaton and Dez Holmes to reflect new evidence and practice wisdom. More here

Health Education England - Spotting the signs of CSE

A new video aimed at helping health and social care professionals, such as school nurses and community pharmacists, to spot possible signs of CSE has recently been launched by Health Education England in association with the Department of Health and NHS England. The video presents a series of scenarios involving a young person potentially at risk of exploitation and uses the voice of a real-life survivor who talks about her own personal experiences of a CSE. More.

The National Working Group (NWG)

The Group links professionals involved in creating the best response for children and young people (and their families) who have become subjected to CSE. The NWG website has a wealth of public resources and offer online training courses for professionals too.At the end of 2014 the National Working Group drew together all of the recommendations from the various report that have been written by government departments, SCRs, charities and others into a single document, this can be viewed here.

In 2013 the NWG published the results of a grassroots survey with health professionals with regard to their experiences of working with CSE, see it here.

Project Phoenix

View a range of useful ‘it’s not okay’ campaign resources from Project Phoenix, the growing Greater Manchester partnership seeking to tackle CSE. More here

University of Bedfordshire | The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking University of Bedfordshire

The International Centre is committed to increasing understanding of, and improving responses to, child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking in local, national and international contexts. More here.

West Midlands ADCS

Chatback Productions and Dudley MBC have produced a video called ‘Anybody’s Child,’ as part of a regional CSE awareness campaign. Visit the new ‘See me, hear me’ website to watch it.

Oxfordshire County Council

The Oxfordshire County Council report “Action taken in response to Child Sexual exploitation and issues identified in the Serious Case Review of Children A-F” can be viewed here.

Central government

Download the latest national CSE action plan from the Department for Education website here.

CSE pathway - the CSE pathway has now been published to the DH website, and can be accessed here

A report on CSE by an independent group chaired by the Department of Health, it focused on improving outcomes for children by promoting effective engagement with health services and staff. More here

A short executive summary of this DoH report can be found here

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner

Protecting children from harm: A critical assessment of child sexual abuse in the family network in England and priorities for action. Published November 2015. More here

A one year on report on from the OCC inquiry into CSE in gangs published in February 2015. More here

If only someone had listened, a report by the OCC into CSE in gangs published in November 2013. More here

It’s wrong… But you get used to it,’ read the results of qualitative study by the OCC into gang-related abuse and exploitation of young people in England here.

Sex without consent, I suppose that is rape’ how young people in England understand consent, a study by the OCC published in November 2013 as part of a study of gang-related abuse. Read the report here.

Basically porn is everywhere’ an OCC report outlining the findings of a rapid evidence assessment of the effects that access and exposure to pornography have on children and young people, read it here.


Download a useful information sheet outlining the health impacts of CSE here.

Read the 2013 report from Barnardo’s on the exploitation of runaways called, ‘Running away from hate to what you think is love,’ here.

A report outlining the findings of a Parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of legislation for tackling CSE and trafficking in the UK, April 2014. More here

‘Gendered perceptions, what professionals say about the exploitation of boys and young men in the UK,’ a report published in August 2014 by Barnardo’s, read the results of 50 interviews here.

At the end of 2015 Barnardo’s published a report in conjunction with the Marie Collins Foundation entitled ‘Digital Dangers.’ The report explores the impact of technology on the abuse and exploitation of children and young people, read it here.


The NSPCC website has a wealth of information about child abuse and neglect in the UK. More here


In November 2014 Ofsted published the results of a thematic inspection on CSE in eight local authorities, read the findings report entitled ‘CSE: it couldn’t happen here could it?here.

Parents Against Sexual Exploitation (PACE)

PACE supports parents and carers of children and young people at risk of CSE, it also works with local authorities. In early 2015 PACE recently published ‘keeping it together,’ a parental guide to coping with CSE, read it here.

The charity also published a best practice guide to the relational safeguarding model in 2014. See it here.

The BLAST Project

The BLAST Project is a CSE resource for primary schools. The free resource is targeted at young people aged 9-11, is gender neutral and appropriate for use in schools. It comes complete with a workbook for young people, as well as a guide for professionals to use the resource alongside the video.

The workbooks are video are available to download from the BLAST website. The video is also available on youtube.

Cardiff University - Cascade Academic research

The Cardiff University recently published the results of a study entitled ‘Problems and solutions to CSE from the perspective of young people and professionals,’ with nine young people with experiences of CSE, and 25 professionals. Read the CASCADE briefing here.

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