NRPF Connect

NRPF Connect

The ADCS Asylum Taskforce is pleased to inform local authorities that there are now robust arrangements in place with the Home Office for the identification and resolution of NRPF cases. These are families and individuals who, despite the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ (NRPF) condition, are eligible for accommodation and subsistence support from social services under the following legislation:

  • Section 21 of the National Assistance Act (NAA) 1948
  • Section 17 Children Act (CA) 1989
  • Sections 23C, 24A, 24B CA 1989 (leaving care provisions).

NRPF Connect is a shared database between local authorities and the Home Office which helps to manage NRPF cases efficiently. It has begun to be implemented over the past few months and is now the Home Office’s preferred way of working with local authorities to reduce local authority caseload and spend. Data from NRPF Connect is already assisting local authorities in demonstrating the scale and nature of this area of service provision, as evidenced by the commencement of the DCLG New Burden’s Assessment on NRPF service provision.

Local authorities not yet signed up to NRPF Connect are encouraged to consider this. Please refer to:

Local authority practitioners can also gain free advice and guidance for support in dealing with the complex NRPF client group from the NRPF Network:

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