2013 Protocol and Good Practice Model

2013 Protocol and Good Practice Model - Disclosure of information in cases of alleged child abuse and linked criminal and care directions hearings

The 2013 Protocol and Good Practice Model (2013 protocol) is about the protection of children. It concerns information exchange between local authorities and Family Courts on one side and the Criminal Justice System (the police and the Crown Prosecution Service) on the other. It also encourages joint management of cases by the criminal and the Family Courts.

ADCS, alongside the DfE, Welsh Government and LGA support the content of this document and consider it to be a Good Practice Model, offered by way of assistance, and therefore urge all local authorities to adopt the disclosure practices described within the document, observance of which will improve timeliness and therefore achieve better outcomes for children and young people who are subject to the relevant proceedings.

The signatories (see document) will be adhering to the Protocol from 1 January 2014.

2013 Protocol and Good Practice Model - Final

Executive summary


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