Comment on supreme court judgement

Alison Michalska, ADCS President, said:

“Foster carers are on the frontline of looking after vulnerable children who cannot live with their own families. Ensuring that children are safe during their placement is one of the highest priorities for local authorities which is why foster carers must undergo a comprehensive application and assessment process and receive regular training and supervision. Standards of recruitment and training of foster carers have been strengthened and are now much tougher than they were 30 years ago in order to better safeguard children and young people. This is complemented by the rigorous inspection of local authorities by Ofsted. Social workers are also much better at listening to children and take seriously any concerns raised about their care. Although safeguards for children continue to improve, and cases like this are thankfully rare, this case reinforces the need for rigour when recruiting carers for vulnerable children and young people. Whilst this judgment found no fault with social work practice or the practice of Nottinghamshire County Council it has far-reaching consequences for all local authorities - we will need time to examine it in detail to better understand the implications.”


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