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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

​Comment on the National Adoption Strategy

Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS President, said:

“Finding loving, stable homes for children who cannot live with their birth families is a priority for all local authorities, and we continue to support adoption where it is the right option for children. We welcome the investment in recruiting new adopters, but we must focus on recruiting the right adopters who can meet the needs of the children who wait the longest to be matched with their family. The continuation of the Adoption Support Fund and a commitment to explore national commissioning for high cost, low incidence services, such as intensive therapies, to support children to overcome earlier traumas, is helpful too, however we urgently need a long-term commitment to meeting the mental health and wellbeing needs of all vulnerable children.

“Adoption is just one means of securing permanence and stability for children in our care, we await more information about how the work of a nationally commissioned provider to support special guardians will dovetail with existing arrangements and enhance offers in local areas.

“ADCS members remain committed to recognising the value of all forms of permanence for the children in our care, many children get the stability and love they need in foster care, residential care, kinship care or special guardianship arrangements as well as adoption. Above all else, it is important that the needs and best interests of each individual child always remains at the heart of decision making.”


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