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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

​Comment on unregistered provision for under 16s

Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS President, said:

“The use of unregistered provision for under 16s has always been an option of last resort for children with acute needs who are in real crisis, driven by a lack of placement sufficiency in local areas. These placements will often involve intensive and highly bespoke wrap around packages of support for the children in them. In advance of the changes to care regulations coming into force in September, local authorities have worked hard to move children in such placements into registered provision, but it remains the case that in some instances there might be no obvious safer and less disruptive alternative and we believe a wholly new response is needed that is flexible, agile, highly therapeutic and delivered in a safe environment. There is renewed investment from the government in both secure welfare beds and children’s homes coming forward and the care review offers the opportunity to do something more radical in this space. Much closer commissioning and work between safeguarding and welfare, justice and health is needed to ensure we can meet the very complex needs of this cohort of children and young people.”


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