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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Pause report ‘Never more than once’

Helen Lincoln, Chair of the ADCS Families, Communities and Young People Policy Committee, said:

“Care can be the right thing for some children, but we should do all we can to keep families together safely, in line with the Children Act 1989. The earlier we work with and support vulnerable children and families, including parents who have already had their child taken into care, the more chance we have of sustaining families, helping them overcome the issues they face and preventing the repeat removal of children in care which can be retraumatising for birth parents. However, since 2010 local authorities have seen their funding significantly reduced, which has led to tough decisions about scaling back services and non-statutory services have been hardest hit by cuts. ADCS continues to call for a long term, equitable funding solution for children’s services to enable local authorities to support all children and families at the earliest opportunity. ADCS welcomes the focus on early help and support for children and families in Stable Homes, Built on Love and we understand there will be a specific focus on parents who have previously had a child removed via the shift to Family Help.”


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