Comment on the survey of young carers by the Carers Trust

Commenting on the survey of 302 young carers by the Carers Trust, Jenny Coles, Chair of the Association’s Families, Communities & Young People Policy Committee, said:

“Local authorities are committed to promoting the welfare of all children and young people in their area, including young carers. Whilst children with caring responsibilities can experience unique challenges, they, just like any other child or young person, deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life and deserve the same opportunities as their peers. All young carers are entitled to an assessment and local authorities will continue to provide the appropriate support for them when it’s required. Support can also be provided by family members, friends or within the wider community.

“Closer working between children and adult services is a key way of meeting the needs of young carers who come to our attention and taking a whole family approach provides early opportunities to avoid crisis and make best use of resources available. Health services, schools and colleges are also a crucial part of this system in that they can help identify young carers who need extra help and provide them with support within their schools and with their health needs.”


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