IFS research on children’s centres

Rachel Dickinson, ADCS President, said:

“Effective support in the early years provides the greatest chance of improving children’s lives. This research clearly shows that children’s centres have had major benefits for children’s health. Growing demand for services, local needs and tightening council budgets have made it necessary for local authorities to rethink and reshape the way services from children’s centres are delivered working with their partners to do this, from delivering services from a library or health clinic to integrating their health and youth services into the children’s centre – extending the prevention offer to whole families and providing services for 0-19 year olds.

“However, there is not enough money in the system to meet the level of need in our communities. Since 2010, our budgets have been halved and austerity has placed greater stresses and strains on children and families driving up demand for statutory services. We are having to make increasingly tough decisions like cutting early help services that reduce future demand. Without properly resourced children’s services our ability to provide a range of timely support to families most in need will be compromised. We ask the Treasury to use the forthcoming Spending Review to invest in children and their futures.”


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