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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

DfE principles for a clear and simple accountability system

Commenting on the Department for Education’s statement outlining principles for a clear and simple accountability system Stuart Gallimore, ADCS President, said:

“Rapid changes in national policy have resulted in an education system that lacks a clear and transparent accountability and governance framework, so, we welcome the Secretary of State’s recognition of the need to bring clarity to accountability arrangements in local, regional and national school systems, and the need to specify the different roles and responsibilities of the various ‘actors’ in this space. Schools are rooted in communities, so too are local authorities who are key to place-shaping and ensuring that children become active citizens of the future. It mustn’t be forgotten that local authorities play a significant role in driving school improvement in their local areas, we know our schools well and work with them where we can to raise expectations and attainment. ADCS would welcome the opportunity to be involved in conversations with the Department for Education and others to clarify and reaffirm our role as key players in education.

“There is little to suggest that academy conversion alone improves outcomes for learners; it can be counterproductive and add a further layer of confusion to an increasingly disjointed school system, leaving our most vulnerable pupils at risk of slipping through the cracks. A move away from coasting standards is to be welcomed, as is the clear statement from the Secretary of State that the threat of forced structural change has been removed for ‘coasting’ schools. Greater transparency around headteacher boards is helpful and it is absolutely right that there is the most rigorous monitoring of the financial performance of all schools. In terms of the support principles, the devil will be in the detail, but there is a clear role for the local authority to be involved in the work of identifying schools at risk of underperforming. We await further details on the principles outlined today and will be responding to the consultation in due course.”


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