The Future Role of LAs in School Improvement

Debbie Barnes, Chair of the Association’s Educational Attainment Policy Committee, said:

“Local authorities have a wide range statutory duties in relation to supporting schools and while we understand that the government intends to review our future role in this area we await further detail on the scale and scope of these plans. Until that point is reached our members will continue to advocate and promote an equitable, effective and transparent education system. We will champion the best interests of all children and use our influence to challenge and support each school, irrespective of status, to attain high standards and ensure all learners achieve success.

“We believe that the best interests of children and young people should be the overriding concern not the designation of the school. The education system of today is fragmented and changing structures alone will not foster outstanding teaching, strong leadership, good governance and effective school-to-school collaborations.”


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