Calls for greater clarity on the statutory minimum children...

Matt Dunkley, Chair of the ADCS Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee said:

“Local authorities have a long, and growing, list of statutory duties in relation to children, young people and families as set out in numerous Acts of parliament and must set a balanced budget by law. Each year this task gets harder and feels increasingly counterintuitive as we seek to divert money away from other areas to prop up the delivery of children’s services. This approach is wholly unsustainable and masks the fact that there is simply not enough money in the system. The decision to step away from providing discretionary services will never, ever be taken lightly, and, whilst greater clarity on the minimum level of service councils are legally required to provide might be helpful, it is more important that the Treasury recognises that providing a minimised service to children and their families does nothing to improve their outcomes, and only stores up financial and human costs for the future.”


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