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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Chancellor’s Spending Review announcement 2020

Jenny Coles, ADCS President, said:

“ADCS is clear that the government must provide children’s services with a sustainable, equitable and long-term financial settlement that enables children to thrive, not just survive in the wake of the pandemic. The Chancellor’s announcement of a one-year Spending Review rather than a full review for the rest of this Parliament makes it incredibly difficult for councils to strategically plan and deliver services that vulnerable children and families rely on. Referrals to children’s services are already rising significantly and local authorities are bracing themselves for an unprecedented level of demand for children’s social care and early help, in the autumn and well into next year. We need and want to be in a position to support children now and in the future, additional investment and clarity over our long-term resource base is critical to this endeavour.

Since 2010, funding for local authorities has halved but need has not. Councils have worked hard to manage demand and protect the most vulnerable, but they have been left with no other option but to perversely cut the very services that enable us to intervene early before crisis hits. This is a false economy and is storing up huge financial and human costs for the future. We need additional funding urgently to retain essential early help services during this pandemic. The Chancellor’s announcement is yet another example of short-term funding that limits local authorities’ ability to put in place the kind of long-term, preventative support that we know benefits children and families, reduces pressures on children’s social care and crucially can save lives.”


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