Comment: Analysis of school funding by the School Cuts Coalition

Matt Dunkley, Chair of the ADCS Resources and Sustainability Policy Committee said:

“It is clear that the overall quantum of funding for education is no longer sufficient and schools across the country are having to make tough decisions to cope with budget cuts, such as reducing staff and the curriculum as well as cutting back on pastoral and other support services. This is impacting on educational provision for pupils and further increases the risk of children with additional needs who could, with the right support, thrive in a mainstream school setting being squeezed into specialist provision, placing more pressure on already overstretched high needs budgets. Investing in our children, and their education makes economic sense, with a sufficiently funded education system and SEND services schools and local authorities would be much better equipped to ensure all learners can achieve their full potential and become happy, productive citizens of the future. Without this, short-term savings might be made but a generation of children will pay the price.”


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