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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Figures showing overspend on children’s social care

Matt Dunkley, Chair of the ADCS Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee, said:

“These figures should surprise no-one. Collectively councils had to spend £800 million more than planned on children’s social care in 2018/19. Each year local authorities must set a balanced budget in response to local needs, we must also spend on statutory child protection where need exists which is one of the reasons why planned expenditure can differ from actual spend. The sector’s financial position is unsustainable. Since 2010, funding for local authorities has halved but need has not. Councils are committed to keeping children and young people safe from harm and have worked hard to protect spend on children’s social care services but this means having to cut the very services that help reduce future demand. It’s a false economy but there is simply not enough money in the system to meet the increasing level of need now present in our communities. The Spending Round provided some short term relief for children’s services but few reassurances about the future.”


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