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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

ADCS responds to the announcement on 2021 school exam dates

Responding to the Secretary of State’s announcement on 2021 school exams Gail Tolley, Chair of the ADCS Educational Achievement Policy Committee, said:

“Too many children and young people have had their lives disrupted because of Covid-19 both inside and outside of school. Although yesterday’s announcement provides a degree of certainty for them, their teachers and schools about dates for summer 2021 exams, ADCS is calling on government to quickly publish contingency plans in case exams cannot take place. Ongoing disruption in areas experiencing extended lockdown, with classes, whole year groups and even whole schools being continuously impacted by closures means pupils spending more time out of school and could even result in some learners being unable to sit their exams next year. Online learning can only go so far if pupils do not have access to the internet or a quiet place to learn at home. Our collective aim must be to ensure any contingency arrangements are fair to children and young people who have lost out on so much learning already and to avoid, at all costs, a situation like we had this year when pupils faced additional worry and uncertainty about their futures.”


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