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Wed, 02 Nov 22 10:00

ADCS responds to two new government announcements

Responding to two new government announcements Jenny Coles, ADCS President, said:

On Monday 29 June the Prime Minister announced additional investment for new school buildings and funding for repairs and upgrades

“The news that £1 billion will be invested in 50 new school building projects is welcome. This will help to create new school places at a time when there is a national shortage of places and Covid-19 is further highlighting the issue of space in our classrooms. Local authorities have a critically important role in identifying where new school places are needed and, crucially, where they are not. Schools opening miles away from where they are needed can have unintended consequences locally, placing further pressure on already overstretched transport budgets for example. The news of further funding to address the condition of schools and colleges is a welcome acknowledgement of the dilapidated school estate, it is estimated that £6.7 billion repairs are needed across England’s 21,000 schools. We hope this is the first step in a strategic investment programme which aims to ensure all children are educated in an environment which supports and encourages their learning. We await further details of the programme in the Autumn Spending Review.”


On Tuesday 30 June the Prime Minister delivered a speech setting out plans to rebuild the UK in the wake of Covid-19

“Children are this country’s future and the citizens of tomorrow; our long term economic recovery from Covid-19 very much depends on how we as a nation care, support and invest in them, now and in the future. Therefore, it is crucially important that children are at the centre of this government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy. Children and young people have sacrificed a lot for the health of us all and they will be living with the consequences of a potential economic crisis for longer than we will. The government has the opportunity to put its arms around children in a way that generates improved outcomes for them and their communities over a longer timeframe. To achieve this, beyond investment in jobs, hospitals, and roads we need proper, sustainable and equitable investment in the full range of services children rely on.

“We are pleased the Prime Minister used his speech to underline his commitment to tackling this country’s great unresolved challenges, this must include urgently tackling appalling levels of child and family poverty which is being exacerbated by the current health crisis.”


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