ADCS response to the measures announced in the Queen’s speech

Responding to the measures announced in the Queen’s speech Alison Michalska, ADCS President, said:

“We welcome the government’s commitment to protecting victims of domestic violence and abuse including stricter sentences for perpetrators if abusive behaviour involves a child. We know from our own research that domestic violence is increasingly common amongst the families that we work with and can have a devastating and intergenerational impact on children and families. Putting an end to the direct cross examination of victims in the family courts will prevent any additional trauma for victims. A continued focus on improving mental health services is also welcome. It is vital that we do not lose focus on the ongoing Future in Mind programme, any measures proposed in the forthcoming Green Paper on children and young people’s mental health must complement and support this.

“Local authorities share the government’s desire for every child to attend a good or outstanding school, yet we increasingly lack the capacity to influence where new school places are created. The government must recognise that there is not enough money in the education system rather than focussing on the way in which existing funding is distributed to schools. And must ensure that the urgent problems facing the school system are not overlooked, namely bringing coherence across a rapidly changing education system, addressing the current crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, as well as addressing the funding shortages that many schools face. Children’s services face funding shortages of their own and there was very little information in today’s speech about the future of local government financing. With fundamental changes to the way in which we are funded expected in 2020, there is a need for more clarity on this issue as a matter of urgency.”


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