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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Comment: Covid-19 ‘catch up’ package for pupils

Responding to the announcement of a £1bn Covid-19 ‘catch up’ package to tackle the impact of lost teaching time Jenny Coles, ADCS President said:

“Children have sacrificed months of learning for the health of us all. Despite the best efforts of parents and carers, children will have had very different experiences of home schooling, it’s easier to learn when you have a quiet space to study and access to the internet, for example. We expect all learners will need some level of support with their education when they return to school, therefore, we are pleased the government has announced a funding package for this. However, we call on the government to announce plans for early years and colleges both crucial stages in children and young people’s development.

“The Prime Minister has reiterated his ambition to get all children back to school in September. It’s important to recognise that schools have worked incredibly hard to remain open for vulnerable and key worker children throughout this difficult period whilst simultaneously planning for the safe return of more children. There needs to be adequate time to plan carefully for a return to school in September and a clear acknowledgement that “back up” plans may be required for classrooms and online learning if a full return is not possible. It is vitally important that the government works with local authorities and school leaders in the coming weeks to work towards solutions where for example space or home to school transport is an issue. Local authorities continue to work with schools to get all pupils back to school as soon as is safely possible, but September is just around the corner so we urge government to quickly provide further details of their plans to ensure local authorities, schools and their staff have enough time to get organised.”


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