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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment: Families in temporary accomodation

Clive Jones, ADCS Honorary Secretary, said:

“Everyone should have a safe place to call home yet we know the lived reality for an increasing number of children and their families is very different. A lack of affordable housing and social housing is having an impact on vulnerable families and levels of homelessness across the country, and it means councils have limited options available to them when trying to find suitable accommodation for families who need it. As a result, more families are having to rely on temporary accommodation, and councils are forced to use bed and breakfast accommodation to house homeless families when there is no other alternative. We agree that the pandemic has added a whole new layer of risk for children and their families, with hundreds of thousands of children expected to be pushed into poverty by the end of this year because of Covid-19 and an impending economic crisis the situation will likely get worse not better for many families. Alongside investment in genuinely affordable housing we need government to invest in services that prevent families at risk from becoming homeless in the first place, and to recognise the wider impact of its welfare reforms on our most economically fragile households.”


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