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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment: HMI Prisons and HMI Probation youth resettlement report

Stuart Gallimore, ADCS Immediate Past President, said:

“Sadly many of the messages in the report are not new and the outcomes of too many children and young people leaving custody remain poor in terms of entering education, finding employment and rates of re-offending. Their transition back into the community is a shared endeavour; it’s important that their needs are met in a joined-up and holistic way while they are in custody and when they leave to enable a full and successful reintegration into society.

“The report recognises that resettlement can be a scary time for some children and young people and planning for their release should ideally start as soon as they start their custodial sentence so that the services and support they need are available when and where they need them. Where appropriate children and young people should be involved in this process.

“Finding suitable accommodation is often one of the main difficulties we face in this area of work due to a national shortage of housing, particularly social housing and a shortage of all types of placements for children in our care. The recommendation in this report for a national scheme to pay retainers on suitable accommodation a minimum of one month before a child or young person’s release is worthy of further discussion.”


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