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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment on Covid-19 related workforce shortages

Steve Crocker, ADCS Vice President, said:

“As employers of thousands of social workers who deliver vital services for children and families every day, local authorities are planning for workforce shortages should a high number of social workers fall ill with Covid-19 or need to self- isolate in line with government guidelines. During the first wave of the pandemic local authorities responded to workforce shortages by redeploying the qualified staff we already had to different roles as well as using agency social workers when necessary and nationally we were supported by the Social Work Together campaign. Nationally we need to recruit and retain more social workers so any additional workforce shortages as a result of Covid-19 will be a challenge for us, this is why any efforts to encourage experienced social workers to support the profession and children and families once again are welcome.”


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