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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment on Ofsted report ‘Matching in foster care’

Commenting on Ofsted’s ‘Matching in foster care’ report, Edwina Grant, Chair of the ADCS Health, Care & Additional Needs Policy Committee said:

“The findings from Ofsted’s report on the experiences of four local authorities in matching children with foster carers highlights a number of important areas that are central to a successful fostering placement, such as relationships, love and a child-centred approach to matching. The majority of children in our care live in foster families and ensuring that we find the right placement, at the right time with the right support is one of the highest priorities for all local authorities. However, there is a national shortage of foster carers and the pandemic is likely to increase our need for all types of placements for children in care. We are hopeful that the government’s much anticipated care review will explore some of the issues raised by Ofsted.”


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