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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment: report by the Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care

Commenting on the Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care’s report, First thought: Not an afterthought, Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS Vice President said:

“Where kinship care is considered to be the best option for a child it should be explored by local authorities. We recognise the significant role of family and friends who step in to provide a stable, loving home for children when they are unable to live with their birth families. For a child to stay in a place they know, with people they love and who love them is invaluable. Support for formal kinship carers and the children they care for is vital but can vary depending on the type of arrangement they are in, however, local authorities may provide support based on a case by case basis according to assessed need. The report describes a system whereby kinship carers and the children they care for face a post code lottery of support. Since 2010, funding for local authorities has halved and sustained increases in safeguarding activity and the overall care population is putting more pressure on resources. The forthcoming Spending Review must provide proper, sustainable funding for children’s services that enables investment in earlier support for children and families before crisis hits.

“The Taskforce highlights ways to improve the experiences of and support available to kinship carers and the children they care for, its focus on ensuring their voices are heard is welcome. We are certain this insight will be valuable to the government’s care review when it commences which should include a focus on formal kinship care arrangements; we would urge government to start this as soon as possible.”


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