Eastern Regional Update - December 2019

The Eastern Regional Update

Regional Self-Assessment and DCS Peer Challenge

• The 2019 annual self-assessment process concluded in June. A six-month status update challenge will be conducted before the end of the year and this will include a six-month data review

• A workshop has been held to review the template used for self-assessment to ensure that it remains current/relevant to changing needs.

Regional Priorities

• Regional priorities were agreed by the DCS group at the peer challenge event. A meeting is planned with the chairs of all the regional networking groups to disseminate the priority areas and establish each group’s contribution to them. The priority areas are:

  • Outcomes for children in need and early help
  • Children not in school and vulnerable learners
  • Serious youth violence
  • Managing the placement market through regional alliances
  • Middle and frontline leadership and management
  • Continual improvement through self-assessment
  • Peer challenge and review
  • Sharing good practice

• A regional conference was held in September to focus on the priority area of serious youth violence; this combined national, regional and local best practice. We continue to seek opportunities for further regional collaboration to tackle this issue

• A leadership and management training programme is being constructed by a regional working group in conjunction with The Staff College, targeting heads of service and team managers.

Peer Review and Inspection

• Peer reviews continue to provide challenge and support in targeted, thematic areas of service

• They have been undertaken across social care, education and SEND services with others planned for the coming year

• The focus of education service peer reviews, which are being conducted across the region, is on school exclusions.

Data Benchmarking

• The regular quarterly tartan rug report highlights comparative performance across all LAs in the region against a range of performance measures

• A performance benchmarking report for 2018/19 has been published for the region; it pulls together data from the tartan rug alongside nationally published data across children’s social care

• The next regional benchmarking exercise will focus on assessment factors.

Network Highlights

• The regular regional networks continue to be held, together with the re-establishment of a workforce, resourcing and development group for workforce leads across the region

• A regional conference has been held for the leaving care group with a focus on developing local offers

• The corporate parenting steering group (CPSG) is developing ideas for a regional conference on placement stability

A regional leaders’ event for chief execs, lead members and DCSs is being planned and is likely to be scheduled in early 2020.

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