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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Government announcement of funding for children and families over...

Commenting on the government’s announcement of a Covid Winter Grant Scheme and expansion of the Holiday Activities and Food programme, ADCS President Jenny Coles said:

“The announcement of additional funding to help children and families afford essential basics such as food and energy to heat their home is to be welcomed and it is right that this funding will be directed through councils. We note that this will not cover all of the school holidays but local authorities will have flexibility around how this is distributed. The pandemic has caused, or in some cases exacerbated, longstanding issues that many families in this country face such as poverty, poor-quality housing or access to technology.

The Winter Grant and increase in Healthy Start payments will go towards giving families and pregnant women extra security over the coming year and allow councils to expand on the vital work they are already doing to support those children and families who are most in need. We also welcome the expansion of the Holiday Activities and Food Programme from Easter through to Christmas 2021. School holidays are particularly difficult for vulnerable children and far too many families are forced to make tough decisions every day between eating, paying bills or keeping warm. A comprehensive plan to tackle both the symptoms and root causes of poverty is long overdue. The government must lead this endeavour from the front as a matter of urgency.”


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