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RS committee update December 2016

Update from the Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee for the December meeting of the ADCS Council of Reference

Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee

The Resources and Sustainability Policy Committee met on 14th October to focus primarily on developing a better understanding of costs associated with supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children. As part of Safeguarding Pressures 5, a thematic supplementary report on unaccompanied asylum seeking children will be produced which will include a costing model. The committee considered the draft model and suggested areas for further consideration.

The committee considered the financial case for early help and recognised that much work had been done in this area. The recently published NAO report on child protection references early help, the DfE behavioural insights unit are interested in this and the EIF have published evidence on the costs of late intervention.

The committee’s business plan was revisited and updated to reflect new priorities and areas of interest such as: understanding the cost of new burdens associated with the implementation of the Children and Social Work Bill; the impact of devolution; joint funding, commissioning and links to sustainability and transformation plans; the Narey review and fostering stocktake; and, the removal of ESG. Since the committee meeting, the ADCS President and Chair of the Committee have written to the Secretary of State to seek clarification on the future of ESG.

The committee discussed the implications of a recent initial judgement which suggested secure orders made by English courts placing children in secure units in Scotland could not be enforced. ADCS has been working closely with DfE for the last two years in a review of the provision of secure services and has urged government to develop a strategic national approach to the commissioning of this provision. ADCS continues to engage with DfE officials who have been leading the review.

The next meeting of the Resources and Sustainability Policy Committee is on 27th January 2017. This is a joint meeting with the Educational Achievement Policy Committee.

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