RS Feburary 2016 Update

Update for the February meeting of the ADCS Council of Reference

The Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee has not met since the last meeting of Council of Reference.

Although the committee has not met, it continues to be active in a number of areas. The Chair of the committee is a member of the DfE’s steering group overseeing the research project exploring the costs and delivery in children’s services. A draft report has been shared with steering group members and ADCS has commented on this. The final meeting of the steering group has taken place. DfE is also planning to hold a workshop for those LAs involved in the research prior to publishing the research.

Members of the committee have also established two virtual subgroups. One group is developing advice and guidance on fair access protocols, while the other is developing a policy paper on admissions. Both pieces of work will be considered by the committee at the upcoming meeting in February.

The Chair of the committee recently spoke at a Children and Young People Now Conference, exploring the topic of ‘achieving more with less: the challenges and opportunities for councils in resourcing, planning and commissioning children’s services that make a difference’. This is linked to the committee’s interest in developing a longer term vision for children’s services, exploring new models of delivery and focusing resources on areas which have the most impact for children, young people and families.

The next meeting of the committee is a joint meeting with the Educational Achievement Policy Committee. It will take place on Thursday 11 February and will focus on school funding, pupil premium and SEND reforms.

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