South East Regional Update June 2019

The South East Regional Update

Sector-Led Improvement

• The Regional Improvement Plan for 2019-20 with detailed annexes was launched at a regional summit on 22 March 2019

• The plan includes a £130,000 contribution from DfE alongside £162,500 subscription income, and an agreement for quarterly data sharing on the 18 nationally agreed data items

• The plan was drawn up in part on the experience of four ‘Triad Challenge’ days held in February (two more due later in the year), and in part on surveys and feedback from across the region

• The plan has ten priorities:

Actions that will address practice issues:

1. Collaborate to improve provision for complex LAC

2. Collaborate on increasing in-house foster placements

3. Collaborate on ways to promote educational inclusion with SE19 SEND group

4. Share and develop new models of social care practice that fit the times

5. Develop regional quality assurance capacity

Actions that will develop leadership capacity and staff resources:

6. Build leadership capacity across the region

7. Workforce matters; recruitment and retention; agency

Actions that will underpin the cycle of self-assessment and peer challenge:

8. Data benchmarking

9. Annual self-assessment and triad peer challenge

Action to address the funding gap:

10. Increase political lobbying to address the funding gap

• The plan follows a non-stigmatising approach to improvement: the assumption is that there is excellent practice in all authorities; and that all authorities have improvement needs.

• Recently we have:

o Commissioned ADCS to evaluate our Triad Peer Challenge events

o Commissioned The Staff College to conduct a needs analysis for leadership development

o Submitted written representations to the DfE’s consultation on its Leadership Development Programme

o Submitted a bid to the DfE’s complex LAC commissioning call for projects

o Held a joint AD education/SEND lead meeting

o Completed our preparation for sharing quarterly data with DfE

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