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Wed, 24 Nov 21 10:00

Comment on the fall in numbers of health visitors

Commenting in CYP Now on NHS figures showing a fall in health visitor numbers, Charlotte Ramsden, Chair of the Association’s Health, Care and Additional Needs Policy Committee, said:

“Children’s early life experiences, the bonds they make with others, their environment and the education that they receive, particularly during the first five years of their lives, are crucial to their development and longer term outcomes. While a reduction in the health visiting workforce could be viewed as concerning, especially in light of the government’s decision to continue with mandation of the five elements of the Healthy Child Programme, what matters most is that the needs of our local communities continue to be met and that we are able to support the work around child health and development, plus parenting in early years. As local authorities continue to develop new ways of working and integrating services they must be given the flexibility to meet their public health priorities at the local level, particularly as there has been no commitment to date from government that these checks will be fully funded.”


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