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Coronavirus Multilingual hygiene and prevention posters

​A variety of public Coronavirus resources (posters, advice etc) are available in other languages. This page includes links to collections of advice and a number of posters/ leaflets in a range of languages. If you have materials to add to this collection please sent to

Many thanks to Walsall Council for providing these resources

Multilingual advice collection

PHE has developed a multilingual advice collection including links to WHO resources and European country specific resources.


Hygiene and Preventions Posters

Bengali - keep calm wash your hands

Bengali - wash your hands poster

Hungarian - leaflet

Polish - FAQ leaflet

Polish - how to wash your hands

Punjabi - leaflet

Romanian - FAQ leaflet

Romanian - signs and FAQ

Russian - prevention infographic

Russian - prevention and hygiene leaflet (many Eastern European customers will use Russian as a second language)

Slovak - leaflet (may also be useful to Czech customers)

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