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Wed, 24 Nov 21 10:00

ILACS outcomes

Steve Crocker, Chair of the ADCS Standards, Performance and Inspection Policy Committee, said:

“Ofsted’s latest annual report acknowledged an improving picture in the quality and overall effectiveness of children’s services across the country and where services are not yet good enough local authorities are systematically working together to bring about further improvements via peer challenge and support. The new inspection framework is a welcome move away from a ‘one size fits all’ model and complements the development of our Regional Improvement Alliances. Generally, it has been well received by our members and is seen as an improvement on the previous framework because it focuses more on social workers’ practice.

“It’s easy to take a poor inspection judgement at face value but the services we lead are complex and there is no certainty that two local authorities with the same single worded judgment are providing exactly the same quality of service nor achieving the same outcomes for children in their respective areas. We are operating in challenging times, years of austerity and rising demand for our help and support amongst children and families has necessitated an ever-greater focus on statutory child protection services. To achieve this, local authorities have prioritised investment in these lifesaving services because this is the right thing to do but there is not enough money in the system nationally. Indeed, Ofsted’s annual report also highlighted the false economy of cutting back the early help services that prevent the needs of children and families from reaching crisis point. We need long term, sustainable funding for children’s services in order to continue to improve outcomes.”


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