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ILACS Overview

In January 2018 Ofsted launched the ‘Inspection of Local Authority Children’s Services’ or ILACS, its new, flexible framework for inspecting children’s services for local authorities. The ILACS replaces the Single Inspection Framework (or the SIF), which was in use 2013 - 2018.

The ILACS framework

Ofsted’s framework and guidance for inspecting local authority services for children in need of help and protection, children in care and care leavers from January 2018 onwards is available from Ofsted’s website.

View framework and guidance - last updated September 2018

ILACS outcomes, January 2018 - to date

View outcomes summary (Excel spreadsheet)

ADCS briefing note on the ILACS pathways and processes

This briefing note is an overview of the inspection of local authority children’s services (ILACS) inspection framework, introduced in early 2018.

View briefing note (PDF, v5 published September 2018)

Hampshire - Unregulated and Crisis Placement Guidance

Good practice document (published November 2019)

ADCS members share their ILACS experiences

In July 2018 LAs that had recently received a focused visit or a short/standard inspection under the ILACS shared their experiences at the ADCS annual conference in Manchester - Lessons from the inspected (PDF)

In May 2018, the DCS in Oxfordshire shared her experience of being the first to received a ‘short’ inspection under the new ILACS framework.

Read Lucy’s blog

In March 2017 the DCS in Nottingham City shared her experience of piloting the ‘standard’ inspection under the new ILACS framework.

Read Alison’s blog

A presentation on ILACS from NCAS Conference in Bournemouth, October 2017

Lisa Pascoe, Deputy Director, Social Care Policy, Ofsted delivered a presentation at the National Children and Adult Services Conference 2017 on the ILACS. Lisa was joined by two pilot authorities who shared their experiences. Please note at the time of delivery the framework was still in development and the pilot inspection were undertaken at different points in the development of the inspection framework - as a result, the inspections were not the same across the two areas.

View the presentation.

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