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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

ADCS responds to the national learning review of child criminal...

Commenting on the Panel’s first national learning review on the criminal exploitation of children and young people, Jenny Coles, ADCS Vice President, said:

“The Panel’s first national learning review makes an important contribution to the debate on how public services can best safeguard young people who are threatened with violence and serious harm by criminal gangs. National policies and guidance have fallen behind the realities our practitioners now face in working with young people and their families; the child protection system was originally designed to keep younger children safe from harm located in the family home. That said, this report contains multiple examples of new approaches developing in local areas to better support parents and work more flexibly with young people in ways that suit them.

“ADCS members would welcome discussions with the relevant government departments about the broader action points raised here, including developing a new practice framework, refreshing statutory guidance and urgently reviewing the National Referral Mechanism process. We would also welcome the opportunity to reiterate the need for a holistic, cross-departmental strategy to address this and other connected issues, such as knife crime. This should focus on stopping perpetrators whilst tackling the root causes of harm and the societal conditions that allow abuse and exploitation to flourish.”


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