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Children’s Services National Policy Context

As part of the ADCS Safeguarding Pressures Phase 5 research the following resources were created to provide an overview of the key current legislation, policy and inspections which drive or otherwise impact upon children’s services.

The following document details the key contextual legislation, guidance, reviews and other key areas which impact children’s services

View National Policy Context: Legislation, Guidance and Reviews for Children’s Services (pdf)

Children’s Services Policy Timeline 2007- onwards

A timeline which compliments the National Policy Context document has also been published. We will continue to update the timeline as appropriate. The timeline has been reproduced as an Excel spreadsheet and as a zoomable image.

Download children’s services policy timeline 2007 - onwards (xlsx) updated December 2016)

The following image can be viewed in full screen (click link in top right corner) to allow you to zoom in. The image is designed to be viewed on a PC or Mac and may not display fully on a tablet or handheld device.

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