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Wed, 20 Nov 19 10:00

Comment on the Dubs amendment resettlement scheme

Commenting on the government’s announcement on the Dubs amendment resettlement scheme, Dave Hill, President of ADCS, said:

“Local authorities have made extraordinary efforts to accommodate and support the children and young people who have arrived through the various resettlement programmes in place locally, regionally and nationally this is in addition to supporting the unaccompanied children and young people who continue to arrive through unofficial routes. As at 31 March 2016 councils were supporting more than 4,600 unaccompanied children and young people - this number is now much higher. These children have made difficult and dangerous journeys in search of safety and the majority have significant health needs as a result of the trauma they have experienced. Local authorities have done all they can to ensure that those who have arrived are well supported and their health and education needs met whilst continuing to ensure that local needs are being met. It must be acknowledged that the decision to continue with the resettlement scheme can only be taken by central government.”


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