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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Government announcement on the National Transfer Scheme

Commenting on the announcement that the National Transfer Scheme will become temporarily mandatory for local authorities Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS President, said:

“ADCS has been working with local authorities and officials in the Department for Education and the Home Office for many years towards a sustainable, child focussed solution to the rising number of asylum seeking children arriving alone on UK shores. Many children have already been settled across the country via the voluntary National Transfer Scheme, helping to alleviate some of the pressures in gateway authorities but we recognise the current urgency of need over and above what is already being offered. Whilst mandating the National Transfer Scheme will help towards the goal of caring for all children who have arrived in such dire circumstances, this is not a complete solution to the many pressing and longstanding issues we have been raising with the government for some time. These include significant placement sufficiency challenges which continue to exist, current public sector workforce capacity issues, plus resource pressures for older young people who need support post 21. The improved funding arrangements in general are helpful. It will be for individual local authorities to make their representations to government as to whether they are able to safely discharge their duties while also being mandated to take part in the National Transfer Scheme but as ADCS we do recognise the importance of everyone playing their part in addressing this national crisis.”


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