Home Affairs Select Committee report on FGM

Jenny Coles, Chair of the ADCS Families, Communities & Young People Policy Committee, said:

“FGM is a unique and complex form of abuse, in that there may well be no other concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing and in every other respect parenting might be good making it all the more difficult to identify those at risk. Local authorities are committed to working with our partners in health and in schools, alongside the local community to raise awareness, identify girls at risk and eliminate FGM in all its forms, but there is no one size fits all solution to this complex issue and our knowledge of this area continues to grow. There is some great work being done locally by health professionals and community groups to support women who have undergone the procedure but as the report highlights it is worrying that some clinicians are ignoring their mandatory recording responsibilities meaning that not all victims, survivors and those at risk of FGM are receiving the support and protection they need and deserve. Frontline staff from across the sector have a role to play in tackling this practice and to be effective we must work together to develop both our multi-agency safeguarding responses and our community-based preventive work, with a focus on education about the long-term physical and emotional side effects of FGM, to change attitudes in high-prevalence communities.”


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