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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

New CSA Centre research

New CSA Centre research

Sara Tough, Chair of the ADCS Families, Communities and Young People Policy Committee, said:

“Tackling child abuse in all its forms is a priority for us all in children’s services but sexual abuse in the family environment is amongst the most difficult areas of our work. It remains a difficult subject to discuss in families and communities but we all have a role to play in protecting and supporting children who are being abused within their family. Children and young people often feel scared and unable to tell someone they are being abused so we all need to be aware of the signs and know how to respond effectively. A coordinated, multiagency response to both uncover and address this abuse is needed via close working between local authorities, health partners, schools and the police. However, our primary goal must be to prevent harm from happening in the first place.

“This new report makes clear that more data and research is needed to better understand the scale and prevalence of child sexual abuse within the family environment as is research on perpetration. Awareness of child sexual exploitation has evolved hugely in recent years, in part because it has been talked about so much and has received consistent focus and funding from government. We need to urgently tackle the social, cultural and moral issues at the root of this abuse so that all children can enjoy safe and happy childhoods.”


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