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Wed, 03 Jul 19 13:00

ONS Data 14/15 Children’s Services Referrals and...

The ONS data from 2014/15 on children referred to and assessed by children’s services

Commenting on data published by the ONS from 2014/15 on children referred to and assessed by children’s services, Jenny Coles, Chair of the ADCS Families, Communities & Young People Policy Committee, said:

“The Association’s own Safeguarding Pressures research (November 2014) shows that domestic abuse, parental mental health and substance misuse are all significant presenting issues in child protection assessments and common reasons why children are starting to be looked after. Child protection work is complex and no one should underestimate how hard local authorities are working, together with our partners in the police, health services and the voluntary sector to raise awareness of the effects of domestic abuse and protect vulnerable families. This is something councils take very seriously and in my own local authority, in Hertfordshire, all of the key agencies involved in dealing with domestic abuse have created a joint strategy to improve the way we tackle it and provide support to victims. But the ‘toxic trio’ is sadly becoming more prevalent in our society and work with families, not less.”


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