Response: NSPCC Report ‘How Safe are our Children’

Commenting on the release of the NSPCC report ‘How safe are our children’, Dave Hill, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, said:

“Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility; every agency and every person who comes into contact with a child or young person has a part to play in keeping them safe from harm. The NSPCC report acknowledges the changing landscape of the child protection system in that, children and young people are exposed to new risks in an increasingly digital world, and as a result professionals must work in different ways to understand and respond to the risks children and young people face both on and offline. At the same time children’s services face the challenge of meeting rising demand for their services in a period of continued financial pressure. Although councils are working hard, to reshape and redesign services so that the needs of children and young people are met, there is simply not enough money to meet the level of need that exists. In this context, working together to share knowledge and learning between agencies is essential so that we are better equipped to safeguard children from harm and support victims of abuse. The challenges we face today show no signs of lessening and as a sector we are in urgent need of a debate to discuss how services will continue to cope with this level of pressure.”


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